Meet the Team

Members of the Nutrition Solutions Team are always available during meals to help you. Get to know our team and feel free to share your comments, suggestions or questions. We appreciate your feedback, and want to be a part of making your dining service what you want it to be! Feel free to stop in and see us or call.

  • 8163165204

    Jennifer Earthly

    General Manager

  • 8163165203

    Michelle Sanchez

    Administrative Assistant

  • 8163165899

    Kathy Robinson

    Grandview High School Manager

  • 8163165678

    Wendy SanAngelo

    Grandview Middle School Manager

  • 8163165748

    Lisa Nunez

    Martin City K-8 Manager

  • 8163165567

    Brian Terry

    Meadowmere Elementary Manager

  • 8163165285

    Toni Hosseinpour

    Butcher Greene Elementary Manager

  • 8163165231

    Courtney McMahill

    Conn West Elementary Manager

  • 8163165204

    Cheri Anderson

    High Grove Early Childhood Manager

  • 8163165122

    Stacey Robinson - Holmes

    Belvidere Elementary School Manager